Facilitator – Brinda Adige


The deliberative dialogues we are running have a different format than many of the NGOs are used to here in India. Rather than coming in and educating the women on a specific topic such as domestic violence or sexual harassment, we are here to collaborate with the women themselves on an issue that is of importance to them. Their input is just as essential to the success of the dialogues as what we bring as coordinators or facilitators.

Of course, having an excellent facilitator makes all the difference. It is necessary for the facilitator to balance the personalities, perspectives and emotions in the room, and to ensure the participants conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Without this ability, the transformative potential of these dialogues will be lost. An individual may have a great resume on paper, but not really be able to engage participants in a manner that actually creates any positive changes in their lives. I worked very hard to find the right facilitator and spoke with many organizations, and it was an exhausting process, but it was worth it. The facilitator for all of the dialogues is Brinda Adige of Global Concerns India.

It has been amazing seeing the response of the different groups towards her. Some of these groups had been meeting on other issues for a while, and I could feel the energy change in the room as she began to speak and encourage others to participate as well. Their reactions were exactly what we hoped for! Even though it was more challenging than I expected when I started searching for a facilitator, I’m glad I put in the time and effort until I found the right person.

8 Responses to “Facilitator – Brinda Adige”

  1. What an amazing adventure for all involved. I trust you will find many ways to share the experience and discoveries. It will be interesting to see how this project continues to evolve as the women move steadily forward. Thanks so much for sharing the stories!

    • 2 Jenny

      Thanks, we’re excited to see the progression of these ladies and dialogues as well. Once Jen is back from India, we’ll probably try to set up some occasional Skype conferences to keep in touch with the different groups.

  2. 3 Cynthia Stephen

    Great to hear of the work in India and Brinda’s contribution. Keep up the good work.

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