These are some of the comments from the women who participated in the dialogues project:

“I like to come to this group because we talk about the things that are important to us, and we get to decide what we want to talk about.”

“When people ask me questions, they don’t expect anything intelligent to come out of me. Here, people ask me questions, and when I speak, they are willing to listen and want to listen. It is nice.”

“No one ever asked me how I felt when someone in my family asked me to do something I don’t want to do. The fact that I had to do that for our group homework, it just made me think a lot.”

“Because of the confidentiality, I am free to say whatever I want here, and no one calls me stupid or that I don’t have brains. I am not judged for what I think.”

“The confidentiality was really important. When I talk, it is almost like I’m gossiping, but I’m gossiping about myself.”

“I wondered, what is the point of this meeting, and was always thinking about my family and my children. But I realized there are things I can learn from listening to other women. Now I don’t worry about my family, I pay attention in the meetings.”

“I am happy to come to this meeting because I am able to speak freely, and I realized that although the women in this group put on a different face outside, we are all going through the same things.”

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