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These are some of the comments from the women who participated in the dialogues project: “I like to come to this group because we talk about the things that are important to us, and we get to decide what we want to talk about.” “When people ask me questions, they don’t expect anything intelligent to […]



Working on the written translation of the research I had done on the social and labor challenges of domestic workers in India was more complicated than simply taking my English version and translating it into a comparable version of the local language. The primary audience, domestic workers, would mostly have no education or low-levels of […]



Sometimes this project can seem very complicated to explain to people, as it has so many moving parts. I would say that essentially, this program is about changing (negative) habits and using an agreed upon goal to practice more positive, useful responses. Brinda gave a very simple example to illustrate this concept. She said that […]

In my research from 2010, I addressed the social and labor challenges of domestic workers in India. With the help of student translators, over two hundred domestic workers were interviewed for the report. Originally, this project was simply to summarize and translate that research into the local language of Kannada so that the interview participants […]

The final groups we have decided come from five different organizations: Global Concerns India, Karnataka Domestic Workers Union, Indian National Trade Union Congress, Fedina and Munnade. The participants are predominantly domestic workers, but also include construction workers and garment workers. Originally we were going to run a pilot and dialogue with each of the groups, […]

The other major aspect of the project is describing and defining clear outcomes. I am a very qualitative-oriented person, and qualitative work is much more difficult to measure than quantitative. But it is often qualitative topics than can transform the most essential and significant parts of people’s lives. It is like public policy – which can […]

The crux of this project is about values, and whose values we will be working with. Since I’ve gotten here, I’ve been talking a lot about the values and beliefs of domestic workers, and about “meeting” the domestic workers where they are at instead of the other way around. So rather than coming with our […]

Our project in India is moving forward fully with the help of some amazing groups and organizations, so the facilitators will definitely be a part of the process. Originally, we weren’t sure whether we could afford the facilitators. We were going to simply present the research findings to the domestic workers and answer any of […]