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When I first started spending time in the slums in 2010, there were a group of students from the U.S. that were visiting, and one of them remarked, “Oh, these are kind of like middle-class slums.” I knew what she meant. I think I expected severe poverty, people on the verge of starvation, and instead […]

After telling Johncy I would meet her the following Sunday (read part 1 here), I tried to call Johncy’s grandmother during the week, but there was no answer. I called Bharith, who knew me, but I quickly learned he spoke absolutely no English. The area Johncy lived in, Ragigudda, was being re-developed into middle class […]

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I try to be polite and call slums ‘low-income areas’ or ‘low-income communities’. Many of the people in NGOs sometimes just call them ‘areas’, and because we all know the kind of communities they work in, we know ‘areas’ mean ‘slums’. But I haven’t found another viable word to replace ‘slums’, and especially when you […]